About us

Quality services on the go

Where we want to be

We provide personalized services to our clients. We believe in advanced solutions as a traditional service. Our technicians work closely with our clients to develop long –lasting relationships. And they work hard to explain solutions so that our clients have a peace of mind with their technical operations.

Strategic partnerships

We have formed strategic alliances with a like minded firms and a host of professionals with vast experience in telecommunications IT Security and data networks both locally and abroad

  • To become the most preferred Zambian company offering data network, IT security and voice solutions to the Zambian industrial, commercial, mining and banking sectors.
  • To become a company that measures its success through the intrinsic value created in customer organizations through value adding and mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients.
  • To build our organizational capacity on an organizational culture bent on our ability to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Core Business Values

Professional integrity

Customer satisfaction is key. We only engage in what our customers want us to do for them.

Corporate Responsibility

We aspire to practice high standards of professional ethics in our business and encourage our clients and partners to do the same.

Business Philosophy

We do everything possible to build a trust worthy relationship with our clients.

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